White Water Rafting in Krabi, Thailand

Posted by Krabi Riviera
on 17 Jul 2014
White Water Rafting in Krabi, Thailand

White water rafting in Krabi, Thailand is a relatively new sport in the area and several different tour companies offer this adventure. The rapids are about a 1-1/2 hour ride from Ao Nang, in Phrang Nga province on the Songprak River..

White Water Rafting in Krabi, Thailand

Different tour companies offer different run lengths. Most are either 5 kilometers or 9 kilometers long, with the 9 kilometer only available during the rainy season months, from May to October.

Some tour companies allow children five and older to experience the 5-kilometer rapids, although most people believe that is too young an age. The 9-kilometer run is for adults only, as it is more dangerous and requires more skill. Prior experience for this run is recommended.

There are usually two professional guides with all rafting tours, one at the front and one at the back, even though the 5-kilmeter stretch does not require any previous experience. They are there to help power the raft so that it is not all up to you. You will receive a short training session before getting in the raft, and emergency and safety procedures are explained in depth.

The rafting lasts for about an hour, so most tour companies offer optional add-ons, like elephant trekking, a one or two hour ATV riding adventure, a waterfall visit, a visit to the Monkey Cave Temple, and a Thai lunch. You can tell the tour operator what you’d like to do and they will customize a full day outing for you.

Tips for the Best Adventure in White Water Rafting and Add-Ons

Because there are so many tour operators and so many add-on options, citing the experience of others may help you decide what you would like to do.

  • There is a 7-kilometer rafting course, which some feel leaves out the most exciting part of the experience. Apparently, the real thrills start at the 8-kilometer mark.
  • The one-hour ATV may be fine for young children, but some may be bored by the route that just goes around and around in circles. The two-hour ATV though the jungle is a favorite. Some tours offer several different difficulty levels and the most advanced is challenging even for the most athletic people.
  • Elephant trekking through the jungle is preferred to the ones that make elephants perform.

What to Bring when White Water Rafting

Expect to get soaked, so it’s best if you wear a swimsuit and have a waterproof bag to hold a set of clothes, a towel, sunscreen, insect repellant, and any valuables. It is really best not to bring any valuables with you, as they may become part of the river forever.

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