Sample wedding ceremonies and packages in Krabi, Thailand

Posted by Krabi Riviera
on 17 Feb 2015
Sample wedding ceremonies and packages in Krabi, Thailand

If you have made plans to get married in Krabi, Thailand then you will be able to choose from a large range of marriage ceremonies and wedding packages. You may already know what kind you want, but the following is a little primer of some of the more enchanting and popular choices.

Types of Marriage Ceremonies and Wedding Packages in Krabi, Thailand

The wedding planning companies in Krabi, Thailand offer a variety of ceremonies and wedding packages that suit just about anyone’s needs and wishes. Many will customize your wedding ceremony and reception according to your specifications. Most wedding packages include the wedding flowers, decorations and site set-up, hairstyling, make-up, transportation to and from the couple’s accommodations, music set-up, and a marriage certificate.

In addition to the above, many wedding businesses provide a cold towel, drinking water, a post-ceremony flower petal shower, wine or champagne, balloons, a “Just Married” flag, an online webpage photo gallery, the cost of fees for the person conducting the ceremony, and welcome drinks upon arrival.

Here is a sampling of what types of ceremonies are available in Krabi.

  • A Protestant wedding: There are many different denominations within the Protestant religion, all of which can be accommodated. Packages include talking with a Protestant minister for counseling, if needed, and going over all the steps of the ceremony, with the minister conducting the church service and marriage vows. 
  • A Catholic wedding: Couples are required to bring a letter of permission from their parish priest to the local parish priest in Thailand. Custom dictates that the couple meets with the local priest prior to getting married, to discuss marital obligations and how to create a strong marriage.
  • A Muslim wedding: The woman needs to present a letter to the local Imam from her father or eldest brother stating that he agrees to the marriage. The ceremony is conducted in a local mosque, where the Imam receives proof of the woman’s dowry and the man is asked about his love for the bride-to-be. Following the wedding in the mosque, some couples choose a non-religious ceremony on the beach. 
  • A Thai wedding: Most packages include Thai costumes, a photo session at a temple, and the venue of choice. Rituals include presenting the couple with flower garlands, painting dots on their foreheads, and placing linked slings on their heads. After vows and rings are exchanged, everyone takes part in the water blessing ceremony, where sacred water is poured over the couples’ hands from a conch for good luck. Some packages include Thai dancers performing a traditional love dance.
  • A western secular wedding: A secular wedding is one of the most popular weddings ceremonies held in Thailand. The ceremony makes no mention of God, nor does it include any religious prayers. Rather, the ceremony focuses on the love the couple has for each other. Without any constraints, couples can completely plan their own wedding. Many couples write their own vows, but it is not a requirement.
  • A Buddhist wedding: A Buddhist ceremony does not include a wedding service. It begins in the morning with offerings of flowers, food and rice for the monks outside a temple at the shrine decorated for the wedding. The couple then receives blessings from the monks. After the blessing ceremony, the couple proceeds to the temple, where they are seated in front of the monks. The couple presents their second offering, and after it is accepted the monks being to pray and chant. Following the prayers, the head monk pours holy water over the hands of the couple to purge the relationship of any bad energy, thus cleansing it. The monk then administers a final blessing, with a little sprinkling of holy water. Lucky string bracelets are given to the couple, as well as to everyone in attendance. The ceremony concludes with the lighting and releasing of sky lanterns, signifying good luck and prosperity for the couple.
  • Thai/Western Wedding: The Thai/Western wedding takes the best from both cultures and blends them into a truly lovely ceremony. Part of the ceremony takes place in a temple, and the other on a beach, where the couple exchanges vows, rings and a kiss. The celebration can include traditional Thai costumes, blessings from the temple monks, and important rituals that engage all the attendees. 
  • Marriage renewal ceremonies: For those wanting to renew their vows, there are several splendid wedding packages that are very much like the Buddhist wedding ceremonies described above. It is for those who want a unique and wonderful way to refresh their marriage vows.