Loh Dalum in Krabi, Thailand is a tropical paradise

Posted by Krabi Riviera
on 20 May 2015
Loh Dalum in Krabi, Thailand is a tropical paradise

Loh Dalum in Krabi, Thailand has one of the Phi Phi Island’s most stunning and exotic beaches. Surrounded and practically enclosed by limestone cliffs and tropical forest, it is a true beach paradise. Located opposite Tonsai Bay (a short 150-meter walk), the border is marked by a large Banyan Tree at the narrowest part of the island. In between the two beaches is Tonsai Village.

Its warm and crystal-clear water is so shallow that visitors can walk out into the Andaman Sea for quite a distance and still have the water come up only to their waist. As a beach, Loh Dalum is without compare. The white sand is soft and inviting, and many tourists love to sunbathe there.

Beach Activities in Loh Dalum

Loh Dalum waters are perfect for watersports because there are no waves. Motorized watersports include wakeboarding, banana boats, and parasailing, which is particular popular because of the fantastic aerial views.

The calm waters of the bay attract kayakers and snorkelers. Those venturing out or returning at low tide will likely need to carry their kayak part of the way.

Snorkeling found by the entrance to the bay and nearby Monkey Bay offer the best water exploration. Monkeys are plentiful in the Monkey Bay area, and tourists should keep their distance, as these cute primates can get aggressive.

Facilities on Loh Dalum Beach

Visitors can rent deckchairs on the beach, so there is no need to pack beach chairs. There are public toilets behind an unnamed building that houses a restaurant that has very large canopy shades. A recommended donation to use the facilities is 5-10 Baht.

If you need sunscreen, bug spray (highly recommended), or other sundries, Palm Minimart, near the Ciao Bella restaurant, sells all things beach-related, including drinks and ice cream. For more shopping, tourists walk over to Tonsai Village.

Restaurants and Nightlife at LohDalum

If visitors intend to spend the night and want to get some sleep, they should steer clear of any accommodations near the beach, bars and restaurants. As a Phi Phi Island party destination, Loh Dalum, especially at night, is loud. Thumping basses in bars by the beach frequently go on all night long.

In between the bars, are restaurants catering to a variety of palates. 

  • Ciao Bella, with its adjacent beach bar, serves good Italian fare.
  • Phi Phi Princess Restaurant serves a buffet dinner and is a favorite place for day-trippers.
  • Hygienic and tasty Thai food stalls, found parallel to the path separating the Loh Dalum and Tonsai beaches, are plentiful.

Walking on the beach at night is lovely, but visitors are urged to pack insect spray, as the mosquitoes are everywhere. 

In recent years, Loh Dalum has become very popular and very busy. If visitors are looking for a quiet, isolated beach, they’d do better to look elsewhere. For those that love to be around a young partying crowd, Loh Dalum is fun and vibrant.