Increased airline flights scheduled for Krabi, Thailand

Posted by Krabi Riviera
on 01 May 2014
Increased airline flights scheduled for Krabi, Thailand

airport krabiAs the popularity of condominium ownership and renting of private villas increase in Krabi, Thailand, more airline companies are offering direct flights to the area. They are also flying to there more frequently, giving visitors a greater choice of when to time their visits.

The increased popularity of Krabi as a holiday destination is, in part, due to the completed construction of the Krabi International Airport (KBV) Situated on a main highway, Route 4, the location of the airport makes it the perfect gateway to the many hotels, beach villas and resorts in the Krabi area.

Attributing their decision to the opening of the international terminal at the airport, Finnair recently announced they are scheduling services to Krabi and Phuket, Thailand from Helsinki starting on December 10, 2014. Previously, the only way to fly to these destinations was by charter flights. Soon tourists and businesspeople will be able to enjoy their direct flight on an Airbus A340 aircraft.

In addition, Juenyao Air announced it would soon fly to Krabi three times a week from Shanghai, China and South Korea.

Why is there so much interest and development in Krabi?

Many attribute the boom in the condo and private villa market in Krabi, to the increased tourist traffic in the more developed nearby beaches of Samui and Phuket. Some bemoan the loss of the quiet sands in these area, which they believe have become very touristy, losing their traditional Thai charm.

In light of the international terminal opening of the Krabi International Airport, developers, are responding to what is an increased need, with new projects. Learning the lessons of rapid growth from their predecessors, specific developers are constructing their property with the environment and the maintenance of Thai traditions in mind.

Creating environmentally sound building practices

Pierre-Yves Loriers, the Managing Director of Ton Company, Ltd., an independent architectural, developer and general building contracting company said, “We recognize the importance of conserving energy, recycling and taking good care of the planet we share”.

“Our houses are designed with low energy, green design elements and maximum air flow,” he continued. “Our Krabi Villas are designed with low flush toilets, some with solar panels, and we strongly recommend the use of non-toxic salt chlorinator in our swimming pool construction”.

Loriers also feels strongly about maintaining the beauty and significance of the Thai culture in the developments he and his company plan. He said, “If all of the other developers work to keep the beauty of the environment and the essence of the Thai culture intact, Krabi will evolve into one of the most unique holiday destinations in the world.”

With the increase in airline flights to Krabi, many more visitors will come to this paradise on earth, and with thoughtful consideration of all who build there, it will remain one.